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Leica SR20 GPS Receiver 2010

SR20 Single Frequency Survey Solution

Leica SR20 GPS Receiver 2010

The SR20 single frequency survey system performs high accuracy static and kinematic data collection for the land surveyor.

The Leica SR20 is capable of centimeter accurate post-processed solutions, as well as sub-meter real-time Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) solutions, such as WAAS and EGNOS. Built with an intuitive survey workflow that is both easy to learn and use, the SR20 offers the maximum in flexibility out of a GPS receiver. All of this coupled with the powerful Leica GPS technology makes this low-cost GPS receiver a great package.

Key Features

  • Leica Geo Office Software for powerful post-processing.


Designed for the Land Surveyor looking for a flexible GPS receiver at a low price, the SR20 combines a simple interface and rugged GPS receiver with the power to perform a variety of land surveying tasks. In addition to accurate performance, the Leica SR20 features a high-resolution display you can use in all light conditions, a mobile phone styled keyboard for intuitive data entry and removable, rechargeable batteries so it can work as long as you do. This system comes standard with a rugged, high accuracy antenna that is capable of tracking extremely well in difficult GPS conditions.

The SR20 is bundled in one and two receiver packages. These bundles include all accessories including Leica Geo Office L1 Phase Post Processing, which includes options to upgrade to network adjustment and to datum and map modules.


The entire system is flexible. The SR20 can be set up as a reference station, a static receiver, a kinematic data collector, a GIS data collector and a navigator to locate monuments. Featuring a variety of different applications to meet specific job requirements, the SR20 is maximized for optimal results in almost any environment.

Leica Geo Office

Leica Geo Office software comes standard with the SR20 system. This is the most powerful GPS processing software package in the industry today. This software can be upgraded to process the System 1200 dual frequency data. Leica Geo Office provides everything needed for managing, visualizing, processing, importing and exporting GPS, TPS and level data. Optional software features include the ability to perform a full least squares adjustment and coordinate transformations.

Low Cost, Leica Quality

The LEICA SR20 system delivers high performance for a fraction of the cost of more expensive GPS systems. The competitive price of the system means even the budget-conscious user can now purchase a Leica GPS instrument for surveying.