Microdrones mdLiDAR1000 aaS

A Drone LiDAR System for Creating Point Clouds

  • End-to-end UAV LiDAR solution including fully integrated data processing workflow

  • Produce 3D point clouds optimized for land surveying, construction, oil & gas, and mining applications

  • Easy-to-use georeferencing data processing with mdInfinity

  • Mission planning and autonomous flight execution with mdCockpit

  • Affordable drone-based LiDAR system

md7173_Crafton Tull-mdLiDAR1000-Plan-Fly
md7446_DTE-EP1-The Ozarks-mdLiDAR1000-Pl

The mdLiDAR1000 fully-integrated system can improve the workflow for geospatial data collection tasks including:

  • Corridor Mapping

  • Construction Site Monitoring

  • Highway Construction

  • Contour Mapping

  • Leveling and Excavation

  • Environmental Changes

  • Archaeology

  • Forestry

  • Mining

md7453_DTE-EP1-The Ozarks-mdLiDAR1000-Pl

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