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survey Drones

Aerial efficiency, photogrammetric accuracy

Agriculture Drones

High precision multispectral data capture


Autonomous solutions for flightless surveying and stakeout


Cutting-edge sensors built to manage any job

Microdrones mdLiDAR1000HR, Industrial Drone with high resolution LiDAR sensor

GE Industrial Drone Line

Essential tools for the creation and maintenance of digital twins, digital terrain models, maps and other geospatial products.

GE Industrial Drone options include:

  • Long Range and High Resolution LiDAR for producing 3D point clouds

  • Photogrammetry with Direct Georeferencing for precision mapping, with or without GCPs 

  • Gas Detection for safe and efficient inspection of gas lines, tanks, plants, and more

Survey Drones


Leica BLK2FLY Autonomous Flying Laser Scanner

Here's what Leica says about the BLK2FLY:

"BLK2FLY is the world’s first fully integrated LiDAR UAV. It is an autonomous flying laser scanner with advanced obstacle avoidance for easy reality capture from the sky.

Easily scan an entire building

BLK2FLY captures colorized 3D point clouds for producing 3D models, drawings, and visualizations.

Scan inaccessible areas like rooftops and facades

BLK2FLY autonomously captures exterior features and dimensions of buildings with a few taps on a tablet.

Next generation flight safety technology

Simply tell the BLK2FLY where to go and watch it navigate itself safely around obstacles to capture an accurate, uniform scan.

You set the mission and BLK2FLY does the rest.

The BLK2FLY is as simple to use as possible. Define your scanning area, press a button, and you’re cleared for takeoff.

Map an Area
Select an area within the map on your tablet and the BLK2FLY will create its own flight path to scan it quickly and safely.

Send the BLK2FLY to scan a new area by tapping anywhere on the 3D view in the app.

Virtual Joysticks
You can also pilot the BLK2FLY manually with virtual joysticks on your tablet. This critical safety feature always keeps you in control."

Microdrones GE Industrial Drone Line

Here's what Microdrones says about the GE Industrial Drone Line:


Essential tools for the creation and maintenance of digital twins, digital terrain models, maps and other geospatial products.


With LiDAR, photogrammetry and gas detection systems, the GE industrial drone line offers professional drone survey equipment and software that is simple to use in the production of high quality geospatial data.


The GE industrial drone line offers powerful aerial surveying technology that will enable professionals to work more efficiently, accurately, safely and profitably."

Quantum-Systems Trinity F90+ (PPK)

Here's what Quantum-Systems says about the Trinity F90+:

"With the first version of the Trinity in 2017, we provided the basis for a highly efficient and at the same time affordable VTOL UAV without compromising on features. The Trinity F90+ leverages this platform and improves many aspects to offer professional users even more functionality at an unbeatable price.


  • 90+ min*/ 60 min flight time in combination with the widest range of payload options available

  • PPK including Quantum-System iBase Ground Reference Station powered by u-blox

  • RGB & multispectral (dual) payload options

  • Powerful motors for even more reserves in all situations

  • Live Air Traffic (ADS-B) & QBase Mission Planning

  • 2.4 GHz telemetry with up to 7.5 km range

  • Optional ADS-B Mode-S out"

See below for product specifications as well as package contents, available sensors, add-ons, and replacement parts.

senseFly eBee X (RTK/PPK)

Here's What Sensefly says about the eBee X:

"Map without limits

The eBee X is the fixed-wing drone for all your mapping needs. Designed to boost the quality, efficiency and safety of your data collection, it has a camera to suit every job, the accuracy and coverage to meet every project’s requirements, and can work virtually every type of site.

Efficient & Precise

Enjoy single-flight for vast coverage of up to 500 ha (1,235 ac) at 122 m (400 ft) by activating eBee X’s unique Endurance Extension.

Rugged & Reliable

The eBee X allows you to work virtually every site, no matter how demanding, thanks to its space-friendly Steep Landing technology, ultra-robust design, live air traffic data and more—all backed by senseFly’s trusted professional, local support.


The eBee X suits every job thanks to its range of groundbreaking cameras. These include the new senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D, for stunning 3D reconstructions of vertical environments, the best-in-class senseFly Aeria X RGB photogrammetry camera, and the senseFly Duet T for creating geo-accurate thermal maps.

Camera Options

The eBee X suits every job thanks to its range of groundbreaking cameras. Just choose the camera, or cameras, that best suit your project needs."

Agriculture Drones


senseFly eBee Ag

Here's what senseFly says about the eBee Ag:

"Map your crops in minutes

Weed infestations, pest pressures, nutritional management; you’ve got a lot on your hands when it comes to crop health, and never enough time to do it all. With the senseFly eBee Ag drone for agriculture, you can get a full assessment of your farm and crops faster than traditional field scouting.

We’ve developed eBee Ag to be a reliable, affordable solution to help farmers, agronomists and service providers map and monitor crops quickly and easily. The eBee Ag and its drone camera deliver timely plant health insights with accuracy and efficiency that complements your precision agriculture workflows. Together, they’re powerful tools for making better decisions, growing healthier, higher-yielding crops and earning greater profit margins."



Leica BLK ARC Autonomous Laser Scanning Module

Here's what Leica says about the BLK ARC:

"BLK ARC is an autonomous laser scanning module for robots. It can be integrated with robotic carriers to enable autonomous mobile laser scanning.

Our first robotic carrier is the Boston Dynamics Spot robot. Spot combined with BLK ARC delivers fully autonomous and repeatable scan missions.

Chart your scan path remotely using existing drawings or BIM models of your building, including large and complex spaces.

Remote user operation
Plan and execute missions from a remote location, whether in the office or in the field, which also keeps you safe from hazardous areas.

Offline path planning
Create new missions and adjust existing missions for any environment using Leica Cyclone 3DR.

GrandSLAM technology
GrandSLAM combines LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM, and an IMU to enable fully autonomous scanning and robotic navigation.

Static and mobile scanning modes
BLK ARC can scan in static and mobile mode during the same scan mission.

LiDAR module protection
Included U-bar protects the BLK ARC module when mounted to its robotic carrier.

Simple User Interface
Control and manage your BLK ARC from an easy-to-use, browser-based application.

Upload to HxDR
Upload BLK ARC data directly from the module to HxDR, our cloud-based data storage, visualization, and collaboration platform."

TinyMobileRobots TinySurveyor

The TinySurveyor is one of the latest additions to our line of surveying instruments, now available for rent. The TinySurveyor may be used with its own GNSS receiver (included with rental), one of our rental GNSS receivers, or your current GNSS equipment.

Contact us today for price quotes, rental information, purchase options, or to schedule a training session.

Here's what TinyMobileRobots says about the TinySurveyor:

"The World's Fastest Robot for Line Marking and Stake Out

Use your existing GNSS

The TinySurveyor integrates with your GNSS receiver. It is able to interface with any GNSS equipment to provide positioning information.

Full integration

The TinySurveyor has been tested with leading equipment manufacturers such as Topcon, Trimble and Leica to guarantee the best possible integration.

High-precision stake out

For further precision and accuracy, the robot integrates with a total station for height measurements.

Many different use cases

Road center lines, solar park layout, event management. Our autonomous robot can be used for a wide range of different tasks.

Supports common data formats

Upload a line design in standard CSV or DXF format to the robot via a USB key and the system is ready to work.

User-friendly and powerful tablet solution

  • Complete robot control when working

  • Scale, move and rotate jobs directly from the job site

  • Offset points and lines from the tablet

  • Fast, reliable and repeatable markings and measurements

  • Long-range control available for remote job sites"



Quantum-Systems Qube 240 LiDAR

Here's what Quantum-Systems says about the Qube 240 LiDAR:

"The Qube 240 payload is a geomatics grade LiDAR Scanner for the Trinity F90+ UAS and it endures up to 60 min of flight time with this combination. It is offered as a complete solution, all encompassed with YellowScan CloudStation Software pack, and license.

A small and powerful LiDAR sensor for the Trinity F90+ UAS

The Qube 240 LiDAR sensor inherits the YellowScan Ultra Surveyor LiDAR scanner. This was the first integration into our Tron UAS platform in 2017. Advances in miniaturization and performance improvements across the board now increased range and accuracy with a significantly smaller form factor. This is impressively reflected in the cost reduction of over 50% for the overall system.

A geomatics grade LiDAR solution from a single source

The Qube 240 LiDAR provides essential information for surveying and mapping by generating an accurate 3D image of the process environment through 240,000 distance measurements per second.

Oustanding absolute accuracy is achieved with the help of the integrated Applanix APX15 INS. One can speak of a geodetic accuracy that was previously only achievable with LiDAR Systems of the upper price segment. The easy handling and user-friendly integration will convince customers. Fast and easy processing of the raw data is an additional benefit.

The solution comes with YellowScan CloudStation software which is enclosed in an adapted variant with a 1-year subscription license."

senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D Mapping Camera

Here's what senseFly says about the S.O.D.A. 3D:

"The senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D mapping camera is a unique innovation - a professional drone photogrammetry camera that changes orientation during flight to capture three images (2 oblique, 1 nadir) every time, instead of just one, for a much wider field of view. It is optimised for quick, robust image processing with Pix4Dmapper.

Stunning 3D Reconstructions

  • Wide field of view ensures excellent 3D mapping results in vertically-focused environments

  • Optimised for quick, robust image processing with Pix4Dmapper

Vast Mapping Coverage

  • Vast mapping coverage over flat, homogeneous terrain (up to 500 ha / 1,235 ac per 122 m / 400 ft flight, eBee X with Endurance Extension)

  • Optimised for quick, robust image processing with Pix4Dmapper

Direct In-Flight Georeferencing

  • Records the GPS position and exact orientation of senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D  at each capture location

  • Less image overlap is required, enabling greater flight coverage and quicker image processing

  • Improved reconstructions over difficult environments (water, forests etc.)"


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